March 30, 2014

The Trinity Lounge

Greber, Door to Door Human Gore, Commencing Human Desperation, Rot Within

A metal show on a Sunday afternoon in Sarnia? Ok, lets do this. I moved to Sarnia about two years ago and for a metal head its been far and few between the amount of bands that come through here akin to my tastes. Originally hailing from the Niagara Region there were no shortage of shows going on with at least one or two metal shows a month I could go to. Sarnia is a different story. I’ve been to couple since moving here and two at the Trinity Lounge this past Sunday being my second. I must say despite there a small community of like minded individuals in this town they go all out when it matters. Before I get to that lets talk bands.

Rot Within, local boys play a mixed style of thrash with some new wave of American heavy metal. Its great to see some locals bands still keeping the torch lit for metal. Commencing Human Desperation couldn’t make the show as their van broke down on the way to the show, so next up was Door to Door Human Gore from Brantford. They played a great set with an energetic front-man and a heavy thick sound. They don’t necessarily bring anything new to the death metal genre but they do bring a solid set, one any death metal fan can raise their horns too. Greber was the last band of the day, a two man drum and bass band. Comprised of members of Fuck The Facts and The Great Sabitini, they may not look like much and one of them even wears a Manowar T shirt but don’t let that fool you they bring a sound that would shake the earth. Dueling vocals of ferocity and aggression mixed with a low end bombastic fuzz and a heavy hitting drummer.

Now on to the community of metal here in Sarnia. They are one of the most enthusiastic crowds ive seen. Coming from a city that has shows all the time people become jaded and only really express themselves during the big shows. They also do something I’ve never seen anywhere else. It’s called Big Stepping, I am told it used to be crazy here back in the day at shows, lots of people Big Steeping all over the place. Over the years the metal community in smaller cities goes in cycles as people grow older and cant make it to every show and the kids haven’t discovered metal yet. Its great to see in the interim that despite the smaller crowds their are still as crazy as ever. Hopefully this Sunday Metal Matinee turns into a monthly occurrence.

Matt Lewis


Door To Door Human Gore

Rot Within




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